Wotefusi New Industrial Dest Lamp Magnifier Welding Table Magnifying Glass Adjustable Support Base

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Product Description

Description: For welding or model making workers, it is a useful auxiliary tool Adjustable support clamp There is a plate settled on the bottom cell box Use a magnifying glass When need the third hand, it is a very ideal tool Take two LED light source in lighting insufficient environment also can work normally 3Pcs AAA batteries can satisfy the two LED lamp work continuous 10 hours Method of use: right hand hold a magnifying glass, make lens and the line of sight parallel, (distance imaging clearly and multiple maximum best) left hand take the object and close to the lens, to find the most suitable observation station when moving the object, the effect is very obvious. Scope of application: suitable for family use, field survey, industrial electronics, laboratory, medical, appraisal jade and coin, jewelry, chinese, porcelain bronze, stamps, antiques, and many other areas. Easy to carry, good workmanship, comfortable hand feeling, it is a vest-pocket and high-definition multiple magnifying glass. To zoomed observe the internal features (inclusion) of the gems and external characteristics (such as jade B goods acid corrosion checkered), it is a good helper of antique calligraphy and painting appraisal . It is suitable for long time working state environment with pure white LED light, when using, no limited from ambient light.


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